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I feel like I haven't posted anything new for a very long time. Today I have decided to look through the stuff I've been doing lately.

In October I caught up on a number of shows:

1. Merlin - great cast, fantastic chemistry between the leads. I wish there existed more shows like this one. I am in love with Colin Morgan, though Bradley James is also very attractive. I keep hoping for Merlin / Morgana romance, but it isn't likely to happen anytime soon. All in all, the show is very shipper friendly.
2. Legend of the Seeker - nice combination of romantic stories and action sequences. This show is visually stunning as it is filmed in New Zealand and most scenes take place outdoors. Plus Craig Horner is unbelievably handsome.
3. Smallville - Season 9 is the strongest so far. The romance between Clark and Lois feels true and genuine. Clark has come a long way since Season 1.
4. True Blood - I didn't expect the story of Sookie and Eric to be so epic and touching, not on "True Blood" where almost everything is about sex, not love. I didn't like Eric at first but having seen him on screen I have to admit that he has become one of my favorite characters.

Judging from the list above, it might seem like I don't have a job. But I do.

The next episode of "Doctor Who" will be shown on November 15. That's awesome even though after "Waters of Mars" is shown there will be only 2 episodes left. And then Matt Smith. I haven't figured out yet how I feel about him. He is sort of good-looking and knows how to act, he has an adorable accent, BUT he is not David Tennant, so... I guess it will be really hard for me to get used to him. Hopefully he will not try to imitate Ten.

And finally, the highlight of my week: the legendary almost hug between Merlin and Arthur (ep. 206)



Eleven, Amy
I think I'm slowly getting my sis to appreciate David Tennant. I am pretty sure she will adore him when she sees him on screen.

Today by accident I came across a very spoilerific YouTube video of Janto. Oh. My. God. I never knew they had such hot scenes together. I'm in for a treat.

I've decided against going to the cottage with my colleagues. I am afraid to catch a cold. In addition, being a vegetarian I don't want to feel uncomfortable when people are staring at me when I don't eat roasted meat.

Cory Monteith and Chris Colfer are great, I deeply appreciate their sense of humor.

Eleven, Amy
Martha left. Sad, sad, sad. Can't breathe again. The first time since "Doomsday".

And Jack Harkness as the face of Boe? That's incredible storytelling, the level of Joss and beyond.

This is why I'll keep watching Dr. Who even with a new doctor. Even if I can't stand him. Now. Who knows how I will feel a year from now?

Miss Sheldon, Booth, Paul, Barney, Ted, Peter Bishop. Especially Sheldon the moonpie.

Anyways, I am deeply in love with David Tennant and John Barrowman. :)))) David in particular.

I'll try to elaborate later on.
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Ten / Rose
Eleven, Amy
OMG, Ten / Rose...

"Doomsday" really broke my heart. I cried for two hours and an hour during the show - my personal record since forever. I hope there is something bright in their story... someday.

I don't think I'll be able to cry this much again in the near future - at least 2 months or so. Wonder if Luba will cry during "Doomsday" - I'm pretty sure she will, but we'll see. I pretty much blackmailed her into watching DW and then Torchwood (she will watch the latter of her own free will).

I think I'll just be adding to this entry since it's so small. I was really upset watching "the Runaway Bride" and seeing Ten all heartbroken, yet trying to keep on with his life. It brought me to tears. Again. Yet I am not so afraid to watch DW anymore.

Saw a couple of clips for "Torchwood" - apparently, Gwack is a v. popular non-couple on this show. They are not official, but they are smoking... Oh, my... Jack Harkness and his shooting lessons. I'll be sad when their relationship falls apart.
I think it will. I'm also loving Owen and Ianto, they had a v.g. casting director.

Watching "Mad Men" right now and wondering whether I'll see at least 1 Pete & Peggy scene. Guess not. Yeah, whatever.

Jim Parsons is on David Letterman tonight. I'll watch the YouTube vid of his appearance tomorrow. Hoping for some spoilers, but probably DL isn't going to talk to him about the show.

And finally, some great Dollhouse spoilers - apparently, there's going to be a full-blown romance between Paul and Echo, as well as Victor and Sierra. Hooray and thank you Joss Whedon.

So far the shows I'm looking forward to the most are:
Monday - The Big Bang Theory, How I Met Your Mother
Wednesday - Glee
Thursday - Bones, Fringe, Vampire Diaries, The Mentalist
Friday - Dollhouse
Sunday - Mad Men
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Lovely Sunday
Eleven, Amy
Good morning to me!

My sister is still away at her friend's place. While she is away, I have joined LiveJournal, set up a FanPop account, became addicted to Doctor Who in general and David Tennant in particular. I am already on the brink of tears just thinking that at some point the Doctor and Rose will be separated, because I love them to bits. What I like about their romance is the fact that it is not a sappy love story but instead a story of two people drawn to each other but not going OTT with their attraction. There are just enough teases and cute scenes, but the Doctor never tells Rose that he loves her or even likes her (or does he? He came really close to expressing his feelings in the episode with Jane.) They hug but do not kiss (almost :)). That's a love story the way I like it and I will cry for days when they part ways.

I'll set a depression-inducing pic of the two of them as a wallpaper after watching Ep. 13.

On the bright note, Zachary Levi, Ryan Cartwright and Carlton Cuse have joined Twitter. Next up: Damon Lindelof, Drew Goddard and Fran Kranz.

I wish I knew what Lee Pace, Thomas Dekker and Jason Dohring are up to these days. I hope they don't disappear and will find success in their future endeavors. I am also a little worried about David Tennant. Granted, they haven't broadcast all the Doctor Who specials yet, but where will he star next? It will be sad if such an extraordinarily gifted actor doesn't make it big. I'm not sure whether I'd like to see him on American TV. Maybe not, not yet.

Yesterday watched the extended pilot of Glee. I believe that Matthew Morrison, Cory Monteith and Chris Colfer will become stars. Hopefully, the show will be renewed for the next season.

Other shows I look forward to watching this fall:
1. Fringe (Peter & Olivia romance, mysteries, Walter, the development of Astrid's character, more stories with Charlie)
2. Bones (B&B need to get it on already or their story will get stale, Angela & Sweets, interns. Sadly, Ryan Cartwright has left for "Mad Men". Speaking of...)
3. Mad Men (Pete & Peggy - what about their baby, Hooker, Ken Kosgrove)
4. Vampire Diaries - just because
5. True Blood - the books are fantastic, I need to keep watching
6. The Big Bang Theory - Penny & Sheldon - their romance needs to continue, Leonard, Howard, Raj
7. How I Met Your Mother - Barney & Robin dating, Ted, Lily, Marshall
8. Friday Night Lights - with all the changes, the show will be great if they don't replace the writers
9. Dollhouse - Joss Whedon, Echo & Paul, Viktor & Sierra, Topher, Adelle, Dr, Saunders
10. Mentalist - Van Pelt / Rigsby
11. Glee - of course, Finn / Rachel, Will / Emma
12. Torchwood - I def. need to start watching

So that's it. The rest I will watch casually when I have time if I've seen all the above first.

Oh, yeah, almost forgot. I met up with my friends yesterday, we went to pizzeria. Yura is now working in Moscow, I am really glad for him.

(The sadness inside of me is because of the greatest opportunity I had and lost. Yes, him. I wonder if he still remembers me. I guess he does, we are soulmates after all. How could he leave? How could I let him go? IDK.)

I find refuge in romance when there is none in my real life. I think this LJ account will be a sounding board for me, I hope it will help me cope. The screwed up relationships in my life include my grandparents (I don't really talk to them and visit only occasionally), my friends (except for 2 girls and my sister, I have no real friends, I'm out of touch with my former University acquaintances). I don't have a boyfriend, here, I said it. I think I'm trying to compensate for my non-existent romantic life with celebrity crushes (yeah, Jim Parsons and David Tennant, I'm looking at you.)

Anyways, I'm pretty confident I can fix things. All I need is a plan which I will make sometime later. (So typical of me, putting things off).

Cya, sweetie... Don't cry too much over Doctor Who.

My First Post
Eleven, Amy
Wow, this LJ thingie looks most impressive.
I recently (about 3 days ago) started watching Doctor Who. I kinda liked the 9th doctor (Christopher Eccleston) and his interactions with Rose, but having seen David Tennant... Oh, boy. I am so in. I am really emotionally attached to the characters of Rose and the Tenth Doctor.

Yesterday read on John Barrowman's wiki that he is gay. Good for him, bad for me (I am starting to suspect that I am into gay actors: Eric Millegan, NPH...)

Another recent obsession of mine is Jim Parsons from The Big Bang Theory. This actor is exceptionally talented and sweet (that's his favorite word in the interviews). I don't know what his deal is and whether he has any deal, but I do hope it has something to do with Kaley Cuoco because they are incredible together. That's a mystery I will try to uncover during the upcoming TV season.

I am about to finish Book 1 from "A Song of Ice and Fire" series by George R.R. Martin. His style of writing is very Whedonesque which is why I started reading this book in the first place. My favorite characters there so far are Daenyrys, Jon Snow (hope these two will meet, they will be incredible together); Tyrion Lannister (I relate to him a lot), Arya, Sansa (who knew I'd like her), Bran Stark.

Good Lord, I never knew I had so much in me. OK, back to editing my profile. Need to choose a lovely icon. :)


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