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Ten / Rose
Eleven, Amy
OMG, Ten / Rose...

"Doomsday" really broke my heart. I cried for two hours and an hour during the show - my personal record since forever. I hope there is something bright in their story... someday.

I don't think I'll be able to cry this much again in the near future - at least 2 months or so. Wonder if Luba will cry during "Doomsday" - I'm pretty sure she will, but we'll see. I pretty much blackmailed her into watching DW and then Torchwood (she will watch the latter of her own free will).

I think I'll just be adding to this entry since it's so small. I was really upset watching "the Runaway Bride" and seeing Ten all heartbroken, yet trying to keep on with his life. It brought me to tears. Again. Yet I am not so afraid to watch DW anymore.

Saw a couple of clips for "Torchwood" - apparently, Gwack is a v. popular non-couple on this show. They are not official, but they are smoking... Oh, my... Jack Harkness and his shooting lessons. I'll be sad when their relationship falls apart.
I think it will. I'm also loving Owen and Ianto, they had a v.g. casting director.

Watching "Mad Men" right now and wondering whether I'll see at least 1 Pete & Peggy scene. Guess not. Yeah, whatever.

Jim Parsons is on David Letterman tonight. I'll watch the YouTube vid of his appearance tomorrow. Hoping for some spoilers, but probably DL isn't going to talk to him about the show.

And finally, some great Dollhouse spoilers - apparently, there's going to be a full-blown romance between Paul and Echo, as well as Victor and Sierra. Hooray and thank you Joss Whedon.

So far the shows I'm looking forward to the most are:
Monday - The Big Bang Theory, How I Met Your Mother
Wednesday - Glee
Thursday - Bones, Fringe, Vampire Diaries, The Mentalist
Friday - Dollhouse
Sunday - Mad Men
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