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Merlin, LoTS & more
Eleven, Amy
I feel like I haven't posted anything new for a very long time. Today I have decided to look through the stuff I've been doing lately.

In October I caught up on a number of shows:

1. Merlin - great cast, fantastic chemistry between the leads. I wish there existed more shows like this one. I am in love with Colin Morgan, though Bradley James is also very attractive. I keep hoping for Merlin / Morgana romance, but it isn't likely to happen anytime soon. All in all, the show is very shipper friendly.
2. Legend of the Seeker - nice combination of romantic stories and action sequences. This show is visually stunning as it is filmed in New Zealand and most scenes take place outdoors. Plus Craig Horner is unbelievably handsome.
3. Smallville - Season 9 is the strongest so far. The romance between Clark and Lois feels true and genuine. Clark has come a long way since Season 1.
4. True Blood - I didn't expect the story of Sookie and Eric to be so epic and touching, not on "True Blood" where almost everything is about sex, not love. I didn't like Eric at first but having seen him on screen I have to admit that he has become one of my favorite characters.

Judging from the list above, it might seem like I don't have a job. But I do.

The next episode of "Doctor Who" will be shown on November 15. That's awesome even though after "Waters of Mars" is shown there will be only 2 episodes left. And then Matt Smith. I haven't figured out yet how I feel about him. He is sort of good-looking and knows how to act, he has an adorable accent, BUT he is not David Tennant, so... I guess it will be really hard for me to get used to him. Hopefully he will not try to imitate Ten.

And finally, the highlight of my week: the legendary almost hug between Merlin and Arthur (ep. 206)




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